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Spectroscopy and Vision Cameras

Biofotonica Srl is involved in the spectroscopy field by about 15 years, with experience in sales and development of custom systems. For each application or experimental setup we can propose both a technologically advanced solution and an easily sustainable (from an economic standpoint) alternative.

Main products we sale foreign are Mightex Instruments spectrometers and CCD. You can find below a general description of Mightex products or contac us for further details.

Mightex CMOSMightex’s ultrafast USB 3.0 cameras are designed for applications that require high-speed and/or multiple cameras. These cameras are equipped with a super-speed USB3.0 interface that can deliver a transfer rate of up to 400 Mbytes per second, which is 10 times the USB2.0 speed, 3.5 times GigE speed and 6 times Firewire-800 speed.

With the 1.2MP Global Shutter CMOS sensor, the frame rate can be as high as 44 fps in full resolution and up to 300fps using ROI mode. Mightex USB 3.0 cameras are optimized for machine-vision applications, and they can also be used for a wide variety of other applications such as digital microscopy and medical imaging, where quality, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness are crucial.

These cameras have external trigger-in, strobe-out, and a powerful camera engine that supports multiple cameras. In addition, a user-friendly GUI based application software and an SDK are provided for custom software development.
CMOS Camera available (SPECS)

  • SME-B012-U: USB3.0 CMOS camera, 1.2MP B/W, Enclosed, w/ GPIOs, C- and CS-mount
  • SME-C012-U: USB3.0 CMOS camera, 1.2MP color, Enclosed, w/ GPIOs, C- and CS-mount
  • SMN-B012-U : USB3.0 CMOS camera, 1.2MP B/W, board level, w/ GPIOs, C- and CS-mount
  • SMN-C012-U : USB3.0 CMOS camera, 1.2MP color, board level, w/ GPIOs, C- and CS-mount

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